No matter what field you are in, therapist, author, journalist, musician,
actor, painter, photographer, hairdresser, designer, etc.,
if you are self-employed,
I Need to Simplify my Bookkeeping

Paperwork In Order

The main reason people don’t do their bookkeeping is because they don’t know where to start. Receipts and invoices pile up and the more they wait, the more difficult the task is.

Imagine your office WITHOUT the piles of receipts everywhere!

More Time With Clients

Less time doing bookkeeping means more time to spent meeting new clients or spending time with family or doing a hobby you love.

More freedom!

This happens because you are no longer bogged down by paperwork.

Growing Your Business

Knowing your cash flow reassures you about the decisions to spend or not, and the more confidence rises, the more the bottom-line increases!

Informed decisions.

You will KNOW if you have the money to spend or not.

This is what our customers are saying about the SBQS Bookkeeping Simplicity Software that is included in the course:

"Finally, something simple for small business owners!"
“I don't like paperwork but this is so easy to do."
“The step-by-step instruction guides are a great addition, so easy to follow." 

Don't let bookkeeping prevent you from giving yourself the level of freedom you want as a self-employed entrepreneur.

I Need to Simplify my Bookkeeping

More Confidence

More your confidence rises, more the bottom-line increases. That is what success does!

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  • SBQS Bookkeeping Simplicity Course (view course content below): 
  • SBQS Bookkeeping Simplicity Software 2021 
  • PF12 Income Tax Planning Tool
Time To Get Started

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  • SBQS Bookkeeping Simplicity Course (view course content below): 
  • SBQS Bookkeeping Simplicity Software 2021 
  • PF12 Income Tax Planning Tool
Time To Get Started

SBQS Bookkeeping Simplicity Packages

  • Are starting out and looking for an all in one package?
  • Do you want to start with the basics?
  • Would like to have monthly support with your bookkeeping?

We have the package for you.

I Need a Bookkeeping Package

Course Content

Use the workbook to keep track of your course progress.

This course comes with the SBQS Bookkeeping Software. The software contains short videos on all the functionalities and step by step PDF guides.

  • Being Self-Employed
  • Incorporation
  • Important Notes
  • Publicity and Promotions
  • Insurance
  • Interest and Bank Charges
  • Business Tax / Permits and Memberships
  • Office Expenses / Work Supplies / Clothing
  • Professional Fees
  • Management and Administration Fees
  • Rent (Other than home office)
  • Repairs and Maintenance (Equipment)
  • Salaries / Wages / Benefits
  • Property Taxes
  • Travel Expenses
  • Utilities / Telephone / Internet
  • Fuel Costs (Except for motor vehicles)
  • Delivery / Freight / Express
  • Subcontractors
  • Training and Conventions
  • Fixed Assets
  • Other Expenses
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Cell Phone / Internet
  • Non-Deductible Expenses
  • Deductible in Quebec Only
  • The Rules
  • Calculations 
  • The Rules
  • Calculations 
  • Types of Revenues
  • Declaring Work in Progress
  • Quebec Only
  • Income Tax for the Self-Employed
  • Instalment Payments
  • Pension Plan Contributions
  • Payroll Taxes - Quebec Residents
  • 2019 Tax Tables
  • 2020 Tax Tables
  • Special Employment Insurance Benefits for Entrepreneurs
  • Benefit Amounts
  • Getting organized
  • Filing options
  • SBQS Bookkeeping Software
  • When to Register
  • Tax Registration Planning Table
  • What is an Audit

  • How To Prepare For An Audit
  • Audit Process
  • Income Tax Planning Table
    • Helps you figure out how much to put aside.

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