Do you think bookkeeping is just about numbers?

Take a second to think about it.

What do the following statements mean to you?


“It’s my third month in a row with a profit, I love it!”

“I didn’t realize I was spending that much.”

“I didn’t know it could be done so quickly, all that stress for nothing.”


Let's take a look at what bookkeeping does for you and your business.

  • It brings you joy, happiness, relief and pride when you see your business starting to make a profit.
  • It brings you awareness of your spending habits. When you do it every month, you can make adjustments right away and spend less. But, at the end of the year, all you can do is at it all up and deal with the results.
  • When you do it every month, it takes away the stress of the unknown.

My business partner does the bookkeeping for our business. I used to just send her all the receipts at the beginning of the month for the previous months. I didn’t really look at anything.

When I decided that I should look at my total revenue and expenses EVERY month, it completely changed the way I felt about at my business. I now look forward to doing my bookkeeping because, no matter how little the profits are, a profit is a profit, and it feels AMAZING. And  if I don’t have a profit, I make adjustments the following month, that simple!

So, where do you start?

You start by figuring out what having a business means to you and how it makes you feel. 

Whatever feelings are brought on by your business, the people around you feel them.

Are You Feeling Pride?


Pride of being in control of your business financials.

People around you see the joy and happiness you have for your business.

Are you feeling stressed?


You don’t know what you need to do, you’re on edge. How is that affecting your health, your well-being, the people around you?

If you like the results you are getting, continue what you are doing.

If you want different results, you need to take action.


What does bookkeeping mean to you?


When I changed the way I looked at bookkeeping, it was a game changer. I no longer look at “numbers,” I look at my accomplishments. I saw a difference the very first month, man it feels great to be able to watch my business grow!


Makes me feel proud!


If you are a self-employed small business owner and you want to do your own bookkeeping, we have options.

I Want To See The Options