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Is Saving Time And Money Important For You?

grow your business Mar 10, 2020

By Sylvie Poitras

Being your own boss and having your own business is very rewarding and the numbers are growing every year. Statistics Canada reported that in 2018 “2.9 million Canadians were self-employed.”

Whether you do a search on “Entrepreneur’s biggest challenges,” “Small business challenges,” “What do entrepreneurs need”… you will find a ton of articles with very similar results.

Two of the most common challenges are time management and cash flow management.

When time is limited, the first thing that gets ignored is what you like the least. Since a great deal of small business owners are “creative” people, the part that gets ignored is the paperwork.

It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Not knowing what your business cash flow is on a monthly basis is like going on a road trip across Canada and not filling up the gas tank before you leave. You’ll get going for sure, but you’ll most...

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