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Small Business Multitasking

being organized Mar 28, 2020
By Sylvie Poitras
As a small business owner, it makes sense that you have to multitask. After all, you are the one doing everything. It is important to understand that it’s OK to multitask, but in order to feel productive, you also have to finish tasks.
We all have a list of tasks we have to do every day, some of those are: answering emails, answering the phone, making calls, placing orders (if applicable). You also have a list of projects you are working on or would like to start. If you keep multitasking all day long, reacting to events that take place, going as fast as you can, without having any type of schedule, at the end of the day, you will feel like you didn’t accomplish anything.
“It is a mistake to think that moving fast is the same as actually going somewhere.” Steve Goodier
Even if you “go-go-go” all day without stopping, going as fast as you can, it doesn’t mean you will get things done....
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Is Saving Time And Money Important For You?

grow your business Mar 10, 2020

By Sylvie Poitras

Being your own boss and having your own business is very rewarding and the numbers are growing every year. Statistics Canada reported that in 2018 “2.9 million Canadians were self-employed.”

Whether you do a search on “Entrepreneur’s biggest challenges,” “Small business challenges,” “What do entrepreneurs need”… you will find a ton of articles with very similar results.

Two of the most common challenges are time management and cash flow management.

When time is limited, the first thing that gets ignored is what you like the least. Since a great deal of small business owners are “creative” people, the part that gets ignored is the paperwork.

It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Not knowing what your business cash flow is on a monthly basis is like going on a road trip across Canada and not filling up the gas tank before you leave. You’ll get going for sure, but you’ll most...

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Do you know how your business is doing?

cashflow Mar 04, 2020

By Sylvie Poitras


What is your current cash flow?

Industry Canada states, "The #1 reason Canadian small businesses fail is because of inexperienced management.  Business owners don't have the experience or knowledge they need to run their businesses successfully." 

Does this mean that you should just give up? Absolutely not! It just means that you need learn how to stay on top of it. What does that really mean?

Well, let’s go back in time for a moment. Years ago, we did most of our purchases using cash. The amount of money in our pocket dictated if we would buy something or not, depending on what else we needed to buy that day. When we had cash in our pockets, we “managed” our cash flow throughout the day.

Now that we use debit cards, we only see the balance when we go online. Plus, since we are getting ‘a’ card out, it makes it easier to grab the credit card instead when we are not sure. It is so much easier to lose...

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List of Expenses and Checklist

Here is a reference table of the most common expenses entrepreneurs have for their small businesses. Use this list to help you find as many deductions as possible.


 Expenses Checklist

The Expenses – Checklist is an actionable document that you can use to help you figure out which expenses you will have for your business.

The checklist is available in - Tools and Articles for Entrepreneurs


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